The web design process in a nutshell

Consultation to Delivery

We have a great process that we have learned through our years of experience in the agency world working on web designs. We have consolidated many things to streamline the experience so that we can deliver projects fast and on budget. We consult with clients or agencies to determine where we fit into their own work flow and then decide what steps need to be taken to complete the job. Ideally we would like to start from the beginning and see the project through but we can adapt to any situation.

The entire process goes like this:

  1. consultation-icon Consultation
  2. research-icon Research
  3. seo Search Engine Optimization
  4. copy-icon Copy Development
  5. design-icon Design
  6. development-icon Development
  7. Content Integration
  8. Social Media Integration
  9. Delivery

Some clients already have a site where content exists and they just need a web design refresh. In that instance we will just need to take a look at the current site and decide the best options to take with the current technology and functionality that exists. It is not always necessary to completely overhaul a web site but maybe just realign the site with a clients current business goals.