Really excited about Facebook’s Graph Search and web design integration

So we joined the waiting list for the new Facebook Graph Search today. Once it’s open to the public we are excited to see how our clients can use the service as part of their web site design. Even bigger than that integrating the service into a clients customer service solution set. A possibility could be building a following on Facebook through the website, searching company likes and building a more target experience based on customer profiles. This will allow our clients the ability to customize their¬†offerings¬†to clients based on their personal interests and experiences. We could also use it to continually refine the content on a website based on what is learned. It’s a really exciting tool for discovery marketing but figuring out the best way to use it will be our job.

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Adam Koehler, Founder of Reversed Out, is a Cincinnati born Web Designer. After graduation and working for various agencies over the years, Adam realized the need for reasonably priced Web Design in Cincinnati.

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